What Is Diamond Art Painting?


You might ask if these are genuine diamonds and if there is actual painting concerned.


Diamond art painting is a new type of art and craft that involves sticking shiny little rhinestones made of resin or acrylic (that looks like diamonds), to a design printed canvas. It is quickly growing into a favourite hobby for people of all ages.


The canvas has a sticky surface that holds the diamonds (or drills) in place. The prints on the canvas come in different beautiful designs and themes that accommodate every kind of interest, from nature to animals to pictures of people–everyone can find something they like.


The diamonds come in various colours, and there are symbols on the canvas to guide you on where to place each colour.


The resulting art is a diamond masterpiece that glitters and shines, and you can frame it and display it as a wall hanging or any other way you choose.


How Does It Work?

You need not be artistic or have special skills to start diamond art painting. It is easy to learn, and anyone can do it. The craft is engaging, and finishing a painting doesn’t require much effort. It is also a very relaxing activity, and you can compare it to the yoga of the mind.


The diamond art painting kit comes with:

  • A canvas printed with the design of your choice
  •  Sparkling and coloured diamonds that are packed separately
  • An applicator pen with a hole in the tip
  • Tray
  • Tongs (not included in all kits)
  • Glue or sticky wax
  • Storage bags for the diamonds


The choice of the canvas depends on the size and whether it’s a full diamond or partial diamond.


The full diamond canvas gives you a complete mosaic art, fully covered with diamonds, while the partial diamond canvas gives emphasis to specific parts of the painting that are covered by the diamonds.


The diamonds also come in different shapes:

  •  Square-shaped diamonds. They click and fit together perfectly but are more complex to complete.
  •  Round-shaped diamonds. They are beginner friendly and simpler to complete.
  •  Crystal diamonds. They are more sparkly and beautiful than other diamonds and give the painting a glowing effect.


Why Is It Great for Everyone?

Diamond art painting is perfect for beginners who’ve never tried art before and everyone who wants a new hobby. It’s a craft that’s highly recommended for its simplicity compared to other types of crafts.


Here are the reasons you should make this your new hobby.

  • Has mental health benefits. Diamond art painting is a relaxing activity that can ease stress. It also gives you a much-needed digital break for a calm and healthy mind.
  •  It is easy to do it well. Anyone can do it, no matter their age or skill level. But we do not recommend it for young children who can swallow the diamonds.
  • You can create beautiful art that you can use or give away. You can frame your painting, use it as a decorative pillow cover, or make it a wall hanging by sewing it onto fabric.


How to Get Started

Before you start your diamond art painting, you need to choose the design you want for your painting. You can choose from various designs to find the one you like.

Once you have your design and diamond art painting kit, designate an area for your painting. A large table or the floor will do.


  1. Lay out the canvas flat on the surface. The canvas has plastic paper that covers the sticky surface. Peel off the paper bit by bit from the corner of the canvas that you’ll start working from to avoid the surface of the canvas drying out.
  2. Pick the colour of diamonds with the same colour as the part of the canvas that you’ll start with. Pour them onto the tray and shake them slowly until most of them face down with their flat sides.
  3. Dip the tip of your applicator pen into the sticky wax. Pick a diamond by pressing the tip onto the round or square side of the diamond.
  4. Push the diamond on the canvas and repeat.
  5. Switch colours as you move along the canvas.
  6. Once your painting is done, cover the canvas with plastic paper and press carefully on the diamonds to secure them onto the canvas.


Remember to keep your canvas covered every time you take a break, so the sticky surface doesn’t dry out or get dirty. Working with one colour of diamonds at a time is also recommended to avoid mixing them up in the tray and causing confusion.


And that’s it, you’re now a pro at diamond art painting!


Talk to us today for your diamond art painting kit or look through our beautiful kits here. You’ll love our picks for this season. 





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