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Hello, and welcome to our website!

A bit about us and how Canadian Diamond Drills came to be.

 As many of you, I (Lori) was looking to do something to pass the time away during all the chaos of the Pandemic.
I came across an Ad on Facebook showing this new craft and I thought to myself, heck, why not. It looks fairly easy, pretty self explanatory and looked like it was something that I would enjoy.
So, I bought a kit right then and there. Being that it was coming from the USA, it cost me dearly with the currency exchange rate and shipping.

Once it arrived about 6 weeks later, I opened it right away and got to it. I quickly became extremely addicted to this new found craft. I finished the first one within about 3 weeks (30×40) and knew I must get more. I jumped on the internet and searched for a company hoping i’d find one within Canada but to my surprise there wasn’t any. So back to my searching and found other companies that were not quite as costly but the wait time was longer. Being the impatient kind it was agonizing!

Fast forward a year, I knew I had to try to get something up and going for Canada so my hubby (Greg) and I went on a mission to find a supplier that stood behind their work. Although it took some time, we believe we’ve found one!

We started a Facebook group that grew quite quickly and was able to sell our products there, but being that every time someone wanted to order a product it was not a quick and easy transaction for our customers.

There was a fair bit of back and forth for shipping info, costs, payments and such so this is how we came to the realization we needed to get a website up and going.

We do outsource the products we carry and anything you see on our website we have in stock. The stock is minimal as we run this little biz out of our home, so if you see something you’d like, just know, it is a limited stock. However, if
you have seen something that we no longer carry or have not had on hand you can order it through the customs page.

We would like to mention, this is a cat friendly home although the products are in a room that is closed off to him.

We do offer worldwide shipping and your order will ship with in 5 business days, unless it is a custom, to which there is a 8-12 week lead time as we would have to special order it.
We are based in Langley, B.C. Canada and your products will be shipped from there. All orders are priced in Canadian currency.

We are always eager to get your feedback or suggestions so please let us know what we can do to make your craft that much more enjoyable!


How Diamond Painting Works

  1. Dip the tip of your pen into the wax. The wax allows you to pick up each drill.
  2. Depending on the pen tip used, you can apply a single drill or multiple drills at the same time (when filling in space using the same colour).
  3. There is a legend that indicates which drill colour numbers correspond to the letters on the canvas. These colours also match cross-stitching thread if you wish to replicate the pattern in that form.
  4. Use the supplied tray to hold your loose drills as you work. Give the tray a shake to make the drills more orderly for picking up.
  5. Apply the appropriate drill colour number to the matching area on the canvas.
  6. Very little pressure is required to stick the drill in place. We suggest starting at the top of the image and working your way down.
  7. The protective film is gradually rolled off as you complete more sections.
  8. To prevent the plastic cover from getting in your way as you work, you can use a magnetic cover minder to hold the rolled-back plastic film in place.
  9. Remember to cover your work in progress. This will ensure that the adhesive on the canvas does not dry out.
  10. Once complete, you can frame your diamond painting or affix it to a wall-mounted canvas for displaying or gift-giving.

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