Common Mistakes in Diamond Painting and Solutions for a Perfect Finish Project

Diamond painting enables you to create a masterpiece worthy of the Louvre without wielding a paintbrush.

You start with a canvas with a printed design and fill in the spaces with rhinestones or drills, one sparkling diamond at a time.

This entire process is calming fun, and a relaxing way to turn a canvas into a masterpiece.

Nevertheless, you will make mistakes while diamond painting before you can transform yourself into a modern-day Michelangelo.

So, here is how you can prevent them and the possible solutions to these common mistakes.

1. Misplacing or Losing Drills 

Misplacing or losing drills will cause you to waste a lot of time collecting them, slowing down your project.

Cause: Distraction is the most common cause of missing or losing drills. When you do not pay attention to where you place your diamond-filled container, you may easily knock it over or lose track of where you placed it.

Prevention and solution: Here are a couple of ways to prevent and solve the mistake of misplacing drills, as shown in the table below.


Prevention and solution Brief description
Create a clean and organized workplace You should keep only the supplies you need for your project in your workplace.
Use proper storage Keep your diamonds in a container that is clearly labelled. 

It should also be easily accessible and have a lid so you can close it tightly when you’re finished with the project for the day.

Avoid distractions Work in a quiet, well-lit space away from distractions like phones or TV to create a calm and focused environment.
Clean spilled drills In case of any spillage, use a sticky roller or a vacuum and a nylon stocking. 

You can also use adhesive tape and tweezers to clean up.

2. Wrinkled Canvas

A wrinkled canvas might make you feel like throwing your hands up in frustration, as it may be hard to create a masterpiece on it.

Cause: You can wrinkle your canvas by folding it during storage or during shipping.

Prevention and solution: 

To avoid messing up your canvas, you should:

  • Properly handle the canvas with care and avoid folding it whenever possible. 
  • Store the canvas in a dry and cool environment. 
  • If you find it wrinkled, roll it in the opposite direction. 
  • You can also use a warm iron on the back of the canvas, but place a piece of clothing in between the iron and the canvas to prevent direct heat from damaging the canvas.

3. Difficulty Picking Up Diamonds

Collecting the diamonds is like picking sand particles with your hands—an impossible task.

Causes: it could be due to improper use of tools. The tool may be too big for the diamonds, or you may be using the wrong end of the tool to pick them.

Also, during dry weather, static electricity may cause the diamonds to stick to everything but your tool.

Prevention and solution: You must use the right tools and techniques, like a wax pad or tip, to ensure that diamonds stick to your tool. On the other hand, a damp cloth may help reduce static electricity.

Also, use the proper diamond placement techniques by picking one drill at a time and placing it strategically on the canvas.

4. Not Enough Adhesive on the Canvas 

Adhesives on the canvas determine whether your diamond painting will be perfect or look just like a grade 3 art project.

The adhesive is what is used to attach the diamonds to the canvas.

Causes: it could be insufficient adhesive on the canvas, maybe during manufacturing or storage

Prevention and solution:

  • Always check the adhesive before you start your project. Also, handle your canvas with care, as this can cause the adhesive not to stick. 
  • Keep the canvas cool, and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity.
  • Alternatively, use clear blue or double-sided tape but do not overuse them as they may cause the diamonds to stick together and become misaligned.

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