How to seal a diamond painting

Diamond painting is a relaxing, soothing activity that allows you to express your creativity while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Create beautiful works of art, unique decorations, and wonderful gifts. 


Finishing your first diamond painting comes with a tremendous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Once your masterpiece is completed, you want to cherish it and ensure it stays as fresh and pristine as possible. 


How long do diamond paintings last


The longevity of your finished art masterpiece depends on the quality of the diamond painting kit and on the treatments you use on the finished diamond painting. If you leave your diamond painting untreated, bits and pieces may fall or peel off. No one wants their finished diamond paintings to lose diamond drills. Many seal their finished projects.  


Products for sealing a diamond painting


1: Paint on sealer


Like varnish for your diamond paintings, paint or brush-on sealers give your diamond paintings an extra layer of protection. The sealant coats the surface of the diamond painting that fills the tiny gaps between the diamond beads and drills—keeping them all in place. Sealants are often available in different finishes, allowing for customization. 


However, the diamond paintings are now stiff and inflexible after thoroughly drying the brush or paint on sealers. You cannot bend or roll up your finished project once you have brushed on a sealer. They also take roughly 10 hours to dry and harden, with most brush or paint on sealers instructing the user to leave the painting to cure overnight. 


A fully coated and sealed diamond painting also makes it more sturdy. They are easier to dust, as the little cracks and gaps are filled in and smoothed over, making them the perfect display pieces. 


2: Spray on Sealer


Spray sealers come in various finishes, such as extra shiny, plain, pearl shine, or matte. The spray sealer does not cover the entire picture, like the paint or bush on the sealers. Spray sealers coat the diamonds themselves and are not meant to keep your diamonds secured onto the face. 


People who use spray-on sealers on their diamond pieces often use them for finishing options rather than for their strength. Usually, these diamond paintings are stored in glass frames for their protection and display. 


Enjoy your diamond paintings for years to come


Diamond paintings are a satisfying, fulfilling experience that allows creativity to shine while soothing and calming anxiety and stress. 


Once you have completed a project, it is understandable that you would want to preserve it in order to admire and showcase your finished work of art. 


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