Does Size Impact My Diamond Paintings?

Yes, the size of the canvas has an impact on your diamond painting. 

How? Complicated designs require more space so that you can be able to capture all the intricate details in their glory. Whereas subtle designs work well on small canvases. 

Still, the size you pick depends on your preference, budget and available time to work on it.

So you should consider the following factors before you settle on the size of your diamond painting.

Do You Care About Details?

If details are important to you, a large canvas size is better as it provides more space for diamond placement. 

But if you are not as concerned about intricate details and prefer a more abstract look, then a smaller canvas size is better suited for this.

And, as shown below, each size is appropriate for a specific task.


Size Average size


Average size (cm) Description
Small 12″ x 12″ 30 x 30 Beginner-friendly
Medium 24″ x 24″ 60 x 60 A balanced level of detail
Large 32″ x 32″ 82 x 82 High level of detail
Extra Large 36″ x 36″ 90 x 90 Intricate and impressive details


For instance, diamond painting of detailed landscapes or images with precise details requires a larger canvas, so choose the extra medium or large size.

However, this does not mean that a smaller canvas will not have a charming and visually pleasing effect. You just need to choose designs that don’t prioritize intricate details especially if you are a beginner.

How Much Time and Effort Are You Ready to Spare?

If you have some time to spare, having a larger canvas size will help push your creative juices better than a smaller one.

Larger canvases take the longest to finish a diamond painting, as you have to be very keen on how you place the diamonds.

However, you can still choose a larger size even if you do not have enough time and use these tips to help you finish the diamond painting faster.

  1. Break the project into smaller manageable sections.
  2. Dedicate time to work on your diamond painting. This can be daily, or weekly but ensure you do not space your painting sessions too far apart as you might mess up your original design.
  3. Whenever you find yourself in the zone, using up too much time creating your diamond painting, take a short break. A short break will help you avoid eye strain or fatigue while allowing you to rest and recharge.
  4. Choose a design with simpler patterns as it will speed up the completion.
  5. Use multi-placer tools and sorting trays or containers. Multi-placer tools speed up the process as you can place multiple diamonds at once. On the other hand, sorting trays or containers help you access the diamonds easily without spilling or mixing up the colours.

Therefore, no matter how much time you can spare for your diamond painting project, you can still choose any size you want and create a mind-blowing design. It all depends on your commitment level.

Is This Project Within Your Budget?

When choosing a canvas size for your diamond painting project, ensure it is within your budget.

Normally larger canvas sizes are more expensive than smaller ones.

But you can ensure you afford the canvas size you want by:

  1. Setting a budget beforehand by first conducting research until you are sure which canvas size you want.
  2. Start small until you can master the skill. Then, as your collection grows, you can add larger canvases to it. Additionally, as your diamond painting abilities advance, you’ll learn new ways to cut costs so you can buy expensive canvases.
  3. Consider the level of complexity in the design you are willing to undertake. 
  4. Always look for value for money by purchasing a quality diamond painting kit from trusted suppliers like Canadian Diamond Drills.

When you follow these tips, you can ensure you afford the canvas size you want without sacrificing quality.

Careful planning and setting aside money to fund your artistic projects will help you maintain your creative endeavours of diamond painting without incurring debt.

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